For whom: All translators and translators-in-spe genuinely interested in learning the basics of medical terminology. No preparation/ background knowledge required.

What: During this 16-lesson course the students will 
* learn the meanings of basic combining forms, suffixes and prefixes of the medical language and use them to build medical words
* become acquainted with terms that describe positions, directions and planes of the body
* identify the meanings for new word elements and use them to understand medical terms
Information on function of individual body structures at cellular, organ and system level will be provided to some extent "between the lines".
In brief, lots of knowledge, hard work, challenge and fun are guaranteed.

How: The course lasts for 2 working days. Each day comprises 4 units of learning (90 minutes each: mainly workshop technique, although some lecture may also be necessary). At the end of Day 1 the students may expect obligatory homework assignment. Day 2 ends with a final test, assessing their comprehension of medical terminology covered during the course. NOTE: Translation of medical texts will not be addressed during this course. Its objective is to provide linguists with some knowledge and understanding of medical terminology as a basis to build upon. 

Who: Karolina Kalisz, member of IAPTI & EST. A medical translator/ interpreter with 9 years of professional experience. The only Polish medical translator/ interpreter recommended by the National Consultants for Ophthalmology and Medical Microbiology.

When: August 17-18, 2013 9:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Where: Piaseczno (near Warsaw), Albatrosów 12 (Kids Corner)

How to apply: Please send an email to 

Price: 499 PLN (participation fee + materials + coffee/ tea/ water)


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  2. czy jest szansa na podobny kurs w przyszłości? :)

    1. Spóźnione lecz szczere: Myślę, że tak, ale raczej w wersji e-learningowej.


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